It's time to move Utah's pioneer-era water law into 21st century, advisors say

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When Utah's water law was officially codified in 1903, Great Salt Lake was largely viewed as a waste because of its high salinity and lack of fish. Today, the lake represents a paradox in thinking about water in the West.


Weber County recycling sees a bright spot

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A shake-up from overseas drove recycling costs up and, once officials in China decided to stop taking certain materials, Utahns had to re-learn what to toss in their blue bins. Ogdenites were apparently slow to clean up their act, with audits finding nearly half of the recycling stream was unusable...


Roy weighs recycling program, elimination possible if it gets too costly

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North Ogden faced a similar dilemma — an increasing global issue as recycling costs rise — ultimately opting to boost trash-collection rates to cover increasing costs. 


Plans for gravel pit near Capitol Reef National Park nixed

Gravel Pit Scuttled

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah officials have reached a deal to sell a land parcel to a group of residents instead of a construction company, effectively scrapping plans for a gravel pit near Capitol Reef National Park. The School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration approved a $525,000...


Utah wildlife officials again seek bigger cougar hunt

Cougar quotas MAIN

Cougar hunting quotas are causing an uproar in Utah.


Podcasters debunk myths and explore interesting lives of Utah's bats

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Bats are one of the most prolific types of mammals in the world, but you might not know it since they spend most of their time quietly hunting insects in the dark.


Milky substance flowing through North Ogden stirs environmental concerns

Coldwater creek dumping 1

The takeaway? Don’t dump weird materials in storm gutters.


Trump aims to end automatic protections for some species

The Trump administration on Thursday proposed ending automatic protections for threatened animal and plant species and limiting habitat safeguards that are meant to shield recovering species from harm.


Fact check: Can Nordic Valley build a ski resort in a roadless area?

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It’s not going to be a cakewalk. 


Study links air pollution to drop in national park visitors

National Parks Pollution

Visitors appear to be steering clear of some U.S. national parks or cutting visits short because of pollution levels that are comparable to what's found in major cities, according to a study released Wednesday.

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